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To grow your home-based business, you must attract and maintain an active, motivated team. And the single most essential element in achieving this goal is effective follow up and excellent communication.

That’s where My MLM Letters comes in. We’ve crafted the letters you need to cultivate, motivate and nourish your team. Whether it’s grabbing the attention of prospects who may not know what they are looking for, or giving the go-getters that extra little shove they need, or picking up discouraged team members and putting them on the money-making track, our letters have what it takes to smooth your path to entrepreneurial success.

The most important part of your MLM journey is the beginning. After all, you can’t build an MLM empire without a team. That’s why we offer a variety of prospecting letters designed to accomplish the task of converting prospects to team members. Next, you’ve got to make sure your team is as motivated as you are, because their success is your success. And we’ve got that base covered for you as well. Finally, there are letters for special occasions and particular niches that might need extra attention. No matter whom you’re trying to appeal to, our collection of state-of-the-art marketing and motivational letters provide all the persuasion you’ll need to make your MLM venture a rousing success.

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You’ll see that six-figure-earning network marketers send regular letters / emails to their list of prospects and team members—and they consider it a KEY contributor to their business success.

But what stops most home business owners from sending out letters is having to write the content.

Luckily, there’s an EASY way for you to have highly targeted pre-written letters that you and your readers will love—even if you don’t have time, hate to write or don’t know where to start!

Imagine…instead of spending HOURS of your valuable time trying to write from scratch, you can have INSTANT ACCESS to professionally written done-for-you letters ready for you to customize (if you want) and load up in your email, or autoresponder!

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165+ MLM Letter Templates

Below are the Categories,
and Titles of each letter.

Of all the potential target markets for your business opportunity, the prospects who require the most delicate handling are those who fall into the category known as your “warm market.” Warm prospects are family members, friends, and acquaintances. On the one hand, they are disposed to listen when you talk. On the other, you have to be extremely careful with your sales pitch because most people don’t respond favorably to a hard sell from their friends. Yet, if you don’t sing the virtues of your product, why would they bother?

These letters strike that balance for you, giving your warm market enough information to intrigue without making them feel put upon or deluging them with so much information they might start crossing the street to avoid you.

  1. I Discovered An Outstanding Business Opportunity
  2. Join Me In Taking Charge Of Our Financial Future
  3. I Have A Business Opportunity To Share With You
  4. Life Is Looking Better After I Discovered This New Business
  5. My Great New Job
  6. You Might Be Interested In This New Online Business
  7. Want In On My Conference Call

Some prospects seek to control their own financial destiny, while others are searching for the fast track to success. Still others simply want a bit of extra money. No matter what your potential team member’s reason for wanting to improve their situation, this series of letters not only illustrates the advantages of entrepreneurship but will show them how your business opportunity is their gateway to a better, more fulfilling life.

  1. Afraid Of Success
  2. Can You Really Trust Your Employer
  3. Could You Use Some Extra Money
  4. Design Your New Office
  5. Did You Get A Raise This Year
  6. Do You Really Love Your Job
  7. Fire Your Boss – Hire Yourself
  8. Home Office Or Downtown Cubicle: You Choose
  9. How Much Money Can You Earn
  10. It’s A Win-Win Situation
  11. It’s The Money
  12. Live For Today, But Plan For Tomorrow
  13. More Is Better With Your Internet Business
  14. Multiply Your Cash Flow
  15. No Previous Experience Needed
  16. Quit Now, You’ll Never Make It
  17. Reasons You Shouldn’t Try To Earn Money Online
  18. Stop Wishing & Start Building Your Business
  19. The ABC’s Of Success
  20. The Facts About Your Online Business
  21. The Greatest Single Source Of Wealth
  22. The World Wide Web Of Possibilities
  23. What Is Your Time Worth To You
  24. Who Says You Have To Play Fair
  25. Why Wait For Tomorrow
  26. With Money In Your Pocket
  27. Work In Your House & Have More Time
  28. Yes, You Can Start A Business
  29. You Reap What You Sow

Whether your future team members are tired of their present job, looking for work, want more control over their schedule, or need to earn more than they are at present, these letters encourage them to set out on the road for a better future. They learn why they shouldn’t let fear or doubt hold them back from reaching for their dreams, and are shown that your business opportunity is the break they’ve been looking for.

  1. Your Breakthrough To Better Days
  2. Choosing The Best Business Opportunity For You
  3. Are You Making the Money You Want
  4. Your Future Starts Now
  5. Here’s All You Need To Succeed
  6. The Real Deal
  7. What’s the Cost
  8. Where The Value Is
  9. Are You Sick Of Being Exploited
  10. Maybe I Caught You At The Wrong Time

Building a team of experienced multi-level marketers is the best way to increase your income potential. Experienced network marketers can sense a sales pitch a mile away. No one despises a hard sell more than a sales professional. When you approach them, it should deliver your message without the fluff and with the benefits for them clearly stated. This collection of MLM prospecting letters starts the conversation between you and experienced marketers as well as provides enough information for them to be intrigued by the opportunity that you want to tell them about.

  1. I’m Sharing This With You Because We Have Similar Goals
  2. This Works Well For Me
  3. Use This Pin Number To Access This Income Opportunity
  4. How To Diversify Your Eggs And Baskets
  5. Are You Making As Much As You Planned
  6. Working Smarter For Maximum Income
  7. More Information About The Opportunity I Mentioned
  8. I’d Like To Set Up A Meeting
  9. I’d Like to Discuss This With You Further
  10. Do You Have Any Questions About This Material

Stay-at-home moms want to do more for their family, without compromising their role as mothers. They will learn that they’re not only able to have the work-life balance they want, while still caring for their family, but they can also have the extra income they need to create financial stability for their home. The stay-at-home mom realizes that she can make the money she needs, right from home, with your business opportunity.

  1. Are You Tired Of Missing Out On Family Time
  2. Do You Need Extra Cash
  3. Build Your Nest Egg
  4. Home Business That Is Perfect For A Stay At Home Mom
  5. Boost Your Employability
  6. Other Stay At Home Moms Are Already Successful
  7. Try This Before Sending Your Children To Daycare
  8. Work At Home While Your Kids Grow Up
  9. Set Your Own Hours
  10. How Busy Moms Can Start A Business

One of the toughest parts of Internet marketing is convincing your prospect to open your e-mails. Almost as tough is getting them to read past the opening sentence. That’s why we’ve crafted these e-mails around compelling true stories and concepts that will motivate the recipients to start reading simply to find out what the subject line is talking about, and then keep reading to find out how the opening hook develops. By the time the prospect gets to the pitch for your product, they’re going to be amused, interested, and inclined to look favorably upon you and your business opportunity. The story concept ties in with what your opportunity can do for them, providing added motivation to take action and check out your product.

  1. Better Living Through Cartoons
  2. Breaking The Barriers
  3. Don’t Miss Your E.T. Moment
  4. From Blue Collar To Billionaire
  5. From The Garbage Heap To Blockbuster Success
  6. He Came From The Basement
  7. How To Clean Up Despite Being Broke
  8. If Louise Nielsen Can Do It – So Can You
  9. Looking For Gold In All The Wrong Places
  10. Susan Boyle And You
  11. Texas Woman Strikes Oil In Toilet
  12. The Grand Turn
  13. The Legend Of The Lost Dutchman Mine
  14. They Told Her She Didn’t Have It

It often happens that a prospect displays an initial interest in your product and even leaves contact information, but then gets distracted and loses enthusiasm. Does that mean you should give up on them? No way! The most successful entrepreneurs throughout history have been those who mastered the art of persuading hesitant or uncertain customers and clients. We carefully tailored this series of follow up letters to win over the doubters and convince them that you have the business opportunity they can’t let slip away.

  1. Thank You For Your Interest
  2. Trust Is The Key
  3. Motivation + Action = Success
  4. No Need To Worry
  5. Time Is Of The Essence
  6. Get Started On Your Road To Success
  7. Start Creating Your Future Today
  8. The Secret Of My Success
  9. Be Like Bill
  10. Don’t Miss Out – Get In On The Ground Floor Today!
  11. Multiply Your Money
  12. Why Haven’t I Heard From You?
  13. The Business Of Freedom
  14. The Key To Reaching Your Goals
  15. This Is Your Last Chance

The hardest part is over—you’ve convinced the prospect to join your team. But that doesn’t mean your work is complete. Unless your prospects produce, your revenue stream will be vanishingly small. What’s the best way to ensure that your recruits rack up the sales? Make them feel welcome and encouraged right from the start. They’re just as eager to make money as you are, and now is the time to take advantage of their initial enthusiasm and stoke the fires of their zeal. Your MLM future depends on the success of your new team members, and here’s your chance to help them get off to the best possible start.

  1. Welcome To The Team
  2. Getting The Most Out Of Your New Business
  3. You Are Your Own Leader
  4. Success Through Social Networking
  5. Prospects That Pay Off
  6. How To Stay Fired Up
  7. What’s Driving You To Succeed
  8. You Are In It For The Money
  9. What It Means To Be A Part Of A Team
  10. Why You Do Matter
  11. Little Changes Add Up To Big Profits
  12. Long Term Success Starts Today
  13. Use Twitter To Start A Conversation
  14. Start Networking Like A Pro
  15. Keep The Momentum

Not all team members will be as gung ho from the outset as you might like. They are seeking a better future but doubt themselves and their abilities. Others may have started off with fire in their eyes but let a slow start discourage them. But the slow starters can still be productive members of your team. As a matter of fact, sometimes the slowest starters become the fastest movers once they get going. These letters weave a spell that targets the doubtful and discouraged with inspiring stories and messages, reminding them that some of the most successful people in all walks of life overcame initial difficulties and early stumbles to become shining stars in their chosen fields.

  1. Be One Of The Elite
  2. Don’t Let A Slow Start Get You Down
  3. Know Your Limitations … Then Remove Them
  4. Mistakes On The Road To Success
  5. Sources Of Inspiration
  6. Success In Whose Eyes
  7. The Power Of Persistence
  8. There’s Always Room For Improvement
  9. Think Like A Winner – Be A Winner
  10. What Every Business Needs

Everyone needs help when they want to succeed. When you have a team, you need to make sure you’re giving them every resource available—especially the good resources.

In this series of letters, you’ll be offering 9 different marketing tools, as well as an introductory letter.

Feel free to adjust these as you see fit to customize them to your team—and you can even add in other valuable marketing tools you think will be helpful for your team. Plus, you can even plug in your own affiliate link to earn commissions referring your team members to these marketing tools.

Your team deserves all the support they can get—and when you give them valuable marketing tools, they’re going to succeed in every sales opportunity.

(And you will too!)

  1. What’s In Your Toolbox
  2. Find Your Next Lead Today
  3. Make Your Email Make Money For You
  4. How Newsletters Spread The Word
  5. You Don’t Have To Write Your Own Letters
  6. Connect With Video And Make The Right Impression
  7. Why Web sites Are Easier To Create Than You Think
  8. Make Money Per Click
  9. Use A Blog To Prospect
  10. Get Social Savvy

There are life events that everyone experiences at one time or another. When one or more of those events happens, we often want to share a note to offer congratulations, encouragement or a simple word of support. But expressing the right sentiments can be a difficult thing to do for many people.

This series of letters is carefully designed to deliver the perfect sentimental expression. The words are personal and warm, yet appropriate for formal and informal business relationships.

With the Sentiment Series, every prospect or team member is bound to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  1. Birthday
  2. Encouragement
  3. Engagement
  4. Get Well
  5. Sympathy

There’s no substitute for friendly and thoughtful correspondence, and the holidays offer an excellent opportunity to communicate with people! These specially crafted holiday letters will allow you to extend a courtesy to your prospects or team members while establishing or maintaining communication with them! It’s a fun and festive way to make the most out of the holiday seasons.

  1. New Years 1
  2. New Years 2
  3. New Years 3
  4. Valentine’s Day 1
  5. Valentine’s Day 2
  6. Valentine’s Day 3
  7. St. Patrick’s Day 1
  8. St. Patrick’s Day 2
  9. St. Patrick’s Day 3
  10. Easter 1
  11. Easter 2
  12. Easter 3
  13. Mother’s Day 1
  14. Mother’s Day 2
  15. Mother’s Day 3
  16. Father’s Day 1
  17. Father’s Day 2
  18. Father’s Day 3
  19. Labor Day 1
  20. Labor Day 2
  21. Labor Day 3
  22. Independence Day 1
  23. Independence Day 2
  24. Independence Day 3
  25. Thanksgiving Day 1
  26. Thanksgiving Day 2
  27. Thanksgiving Day 3
  28. Christmas 1
  29. Christmas 2
  30. Christmas 3
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